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The residential project SBH Living has begun

SBH Living is a modern residential project with an emphasis on the comfort and privacy of residents. It consists of two four-storey buildings with 69 apartments, seamlessly connected to the historic buildings of the Štěrbohol center. The benefits...


NewsGRISOM s.r.o. announces

CPI City Center Olomouc finished


At the end of 2013 the official closure of works and the beginning of operations was at hand for the administrative and hotel complex CPI City Center Olomouc, where the project management and technical supervision was provided by our company.


The first tenant began to move into the premises of the offices in CPI City Center Olomouc by the spring of 2013, the hotel operations are slated to begin in September by the hotel chain Clarion Congress Hotel in Olomouc. The construction costs were approximately 520 million CZK.


The cornerstone of this project is the reconstruction of the former Sigma Hotel, which will have a new modern interior, upgraded space and technology and rebranding according to Clarion standards. Over 11 floors there will be 126 double rooms, including two apartments and one business suite. This will be supported by a restaurant for 450 guests, a lobby bar, and an expanded foyer with an area of 900 m2.

Complementing the hotels services is a beer spa.


Beside the dominant hotel structure will be two new build objects; one a class A office building with a total area of 6 700 m2 and two a retail area of 680 m2. From the project beginnings the office building was devised to accommodate the needs and standards of the main Raiffeisenbank, which takes up an area of 4 100 m2 with an integrated back office, archive and call centre. The retail areas were taken up by, a drug store and a Casino.


Within the interior courtyard there has been incorporated a variable congress centre which has an available seating capacity of 1100 persons and a further 6 salons with a capacity in total of 318 persons. The complex further offers underground parking on two subterranean levels and some outside parking as well.  


The CPI City Center Olomouc Project has a total useable area of 22 700 m2 and functions primarily as an office and hotel complex. Based on the needs of the city to provide a quality foundation for modern commerce it will broaden the attractiveness of Olomouc for business clientele and potentially tourists.


In the section of Videos and Cameras is a short video of the construction in progress.