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10. 03

METEOR CENTRE Office Park building C has gone into the 2nd phase of construction

On the beginning of March, start on site for the second phase of the project, building C, was initiated. Grisom was selected as the Project Manager and technical supervisor of the works.


About UsInformation about the company

GRISOM is a Czech company which provides consultation, engineering and management of construction projects, from structures, infrastructure, through hydro and energy utilities.

Our staff is composed of experienced construction engineers that have a broad range of expertise over many different types of projects both on the local market and abroad. Thanks to these varied capabilities, i.e internationally accepted management principles and local contractor connections; we can effectively control a project throughout all stages of development to maximize all variables with the client’s needs in mind for a successful result from preparation through construction to hand over.

Our philosophy is to focus on the true needs of the client; we seek to give them what they need and ask for on a personal level. Most management providers’ offer cost time and quality management, but we seek to further this by giving the client exactly what he needs to fulfill the project to his expectations without undue accompanying services and overheads.

From its establishment GRISOM differentiates itself from other service providers by:

  • Minimalising overhead costs, such that the client remunerates only the service costs of the consultant. No central office, no overhead personnel and no profit transfer to international covenants.
  • Uphold an ethical codex, where it is not possible to provide a consultant on more than one project which will overcome 100% of their available time. For example, the client would not be charged on three projects where the consultant worked in total 80%+80%+40%=200%, here the client would be charged a double rate which is impossible but occurs often on the local market. This is not the case with us. A consultant will not be allotted to another project if they are at 100% capacity on a single project or if in the case of specialist consultancy, such as cost manager, they are allotted when needed and never over limit, which leads to the next point.
  • We promote the best financial and working conditions for our consultants, which motivates them to actively perform for the client. We will not overwork our staff and our management principles and overhead limitation is what makes these conditions possible and effective.
  • Flexible and quick reaction to client needs; thanks to our structure and size we can react and resolve immediately.
  • Same level of approach and quality to projects large and small.