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10. 03

METEOR CENTRE Office Park building C has gone into the 2nd phase of construction

On the beginning of March, start on site for the second phase of the project, building C, was initiated. Grisom was selected as the Project Manager and technical supervisor of the works.


ConsultantsIng. Jan BláhaMEP manager

Ing. Jan Bláha


Jan is a building equipment specialist with more than 35 year experience dealing with BMS for all types of project ranging from office centres, hotels, congress centres and even industrial projects. He has focused his capabilities in roles where specialist trades coordination is a crucial part of the project. This includes management of subcontractors, design integration, technology standards, cost and quality control. 


Jan’s strong attributes are quick orientation of costs for specialised items and the problems that may be associated in complicated systems. His constant revision of new technological trends and processes gives him the leading edge in the industry. Thanks to these experiences and his work ethics, he is at home in any construction process from traditional contractor management to construction management, where his coordination and technological knowledge base can bring the greatest benefits in time and cost.


One of his greatest benefits is his empathy with the client, knowledge of foreign languages and an understanding of what the international client wants combined with a the local knowledge of how to implement his wishes on the local markets, regulations and norms.

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