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10. 03

METEOR CENTRE Office Park building C has gone into the 2nd phase of construction

On the beginning of March, start on site for the second phase of the project, building C, was initiated. Grisom was selected as the Project Manager and technical supervisor of the works.


ConsultantsIng. Petr Vacíkproject manager

Ing. Petr Vacík


Petr is a project manager with over 20 years experience in the construction industry and has worked on a varying scope of projects from office buildings through hotels to industrial facilities. His main roles have been design coordination, procurement, cost and quality control.  


Petr’s strong side is his empathy with the client, concentration, quick reaction times and natural ability to lead through changes within the project during the construction phase. He is capable of leading the project by the traditional General contracting – Project Management method or through the Construction management system, where coordination and control over individual parts of the works are crucial to a successful CM project. 


He is fluent is several languages and has direct experiences with international clientele.

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