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10. 03

METEOR CENTRE Office Park building C has gone into the 2nd phase of construction

On the beginning of March, start on site for the second phase of the project, building C, was initiated. Grisom was selected as the Project Manager and technical supervisor of the works.


ConsultantsIng. Vladimír Svárovskýtenant coordinator

Ing. Vladimír Svárovský


Vladimír is a tenant coordinator and has over 30 years experience with construction of shopping centres and retail parks. He has filled the roles of tenant and design coordinator, design control for retail units and operational manuals for the tenants.


Vladimir’s best attributes are coordinating a multitude of tenants on a single project, quick orientation with on site problems during preparation and execution of the retailer’s space and communication with the authorities. Thanks to his vast presence on so many retail operations and with so many different types of tenants, his experiences are second to none for fit out coordination, subcontractor selection and fit out processing for all applications of retail operations. 


Aside from the reference projects listed here, he has also served as tenant coordinator for Centrum Cerny Most, Forum Nova Karolina Ostrava, Forum Liberec, Forum Usti nad Labem, Centrum Chodov, Olympia Teplice and Mlada Boleslav.

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