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10. 03

METEOR CENTRE Office Park building C has gone into the 2nd phase of construction

On the beginning of March, start on site for the second phase of the project, building C, was initiated. Grisom was selected as the Project Manager and technical supervisor of the works.


ConsultantsKarel Havleconstruction manager

Karel Havle


Karel is a construction manager withmore than 30 years experience on all types of project from reconstruction to new build structures both structural objects and utility distribution networks. He has been subject to all roles on site such as coordination and management of the project, managing subcontractors, design coordination, cost management and quality controls.


Karl‘s best attributes are his experiences and foresight of key milestone points and how preparation relates to execution on works packages. He is able to manage both classic General Contract projects as well as Construction Management systems which are inherently more involved and higher risk but with benefits of cost savings and time schedule reductions.


His added values are precise production preparation including the coordination of deliveries and client approach, which is crucial for Construction Management and change order management.

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